My brain is an ongoing thesaurus so most individual words don’t rub me the wrong way…

I’ve never been atheist although I call myself agnostic ’cause it’s closest right now. When someone says “God bless” I interpret it in its intention, which is similar to “good wishes upon you” or “Hope life treats you good” – stuff like that.

My brain is an ongoing thesaurus so most individual words don’t rub me the wrong way…

…unless they’re heavily laden with implications.

Example: I don’t have a problem with the word family.

But when it’s used in a PARTICULAR way, said a PARTICULAR way… then I get that microaggressive sensation.


Good point. I suppose as I don’t self-identify as atheist, I’m blind to it, ALTHOUGH when someone says “God bless”, _sometimes_ I’ll think in my mind, “Thanks, although I doubt your conception of God is anything like how I’d interpret things”, which is a bit elitist of me I suppose.


Here’s a strange one for me though: while God bless doesn’t do much at me, “Luck” in certain contexts can.

People use luck or randomness as a God-type substitute, occupying the same ‘beyond space and time’ conceptual space.

I don’t know why it rubs me the wrong way but it does and yet, to stop and explain my feelings/thoughts on the matter would take so many words that it’s rarely worth bothering.


I think it bugs me because a very powerful conceptual connection is broken. Here’s something I see as plain as day, so clear and plain since I was a kid, I want to scream it from the rooftops and scream WHY CAN’T YOU SEE IT?

But I hold it back. It just causes fighting and I get stereotyped into a box of some kind before I can explain what I mean and more importantly, what I don’t mean.



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