My brain always struggles with principles/axioms/rules/laws

My brain always struggles with principles/axioms/rules/laws – I believe there’s a paradox at the heart of a lot of these marvelously wonderful complicated theories – and that there always is — some ‘thing’ conveniently being overlooked just so work can more forward, some little conundrum best left for others.

And I love finding out what that is because there is certainly a LOT of handwaving to hide it in so many fields that attempt to classify and structuralize and algorithmize anonymized movements, even removing the identities and hiding them inbetween some {}’s in Untyped Lambda calculus – although its’ brilliant how numbers were retrieved from First (second (third))) principles in.. .. oh who did it, so bad with names — the guy whose numbers were functionally equivalent to regular ones but needed a transformation of some kind to go from one to the other – turned it all into sets.. wasn’t Church or Turing I don’t think.. maybe it was Turing… 1930s somewhere..

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