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My name is Kenneth Udut.

I’ve been making music just for myself since I was 5 years old. I never liked performing, hated music competitions and while I was trained for Julliard, in the end, I turned it down. I have a good mother. She understood.

Flash forward decades and here I am, an infinite supply of musical ideas, but no desire to perform. No desire to edit anything I did. I just compose for my own fun.

Then I found “freesound”. I never looked for it before, or I would have found it.

It’s time to share.

For maybe, just maybe, there’s somebody out there that could use something I did. Or am doing. Or will do.

And it gives me a *reason* finally, to stick this stuff on a computer and edit it.

Because now… perhaps, I can help somebody else.

Love you!


P.S. – I run a minecraft server. skai pwnz org or ken ignorelist com My son is Skylord_Lemondew It’s his now. You or your kids (or parents) can join. Tell them you came from freesound and you know Ken :)

free naplesplus us is the website I run for Naples FLorida USA.

And I’m working on figuring out the place where musical ideas come from: The same part of the brain that “ear worms” (sound that won’t leave) live… where all great ideas live… the short term memory (perhaps even the sensory memory).

I plan to have it all figured out in a way that’s instantly obvious when I figure it out, then share it with the world.

But really, I hope someone beats me to it, ’cause it’s a lot of work.

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