my apology to a person who critiqued my grammar after announcing my tesla scan.

sigh I would engage a computer grammar checker or my 6th grade English teacher but thankfully you’re here instead. You understood me, even if you were momentarily confused.  Priorities man.  The message not the media. [/end preach]

Now, I tagged you because I thought you might appreciate that I took the time to rasterize and OCR a book from 1984 that contained all of his authoritative writings that he actually wrote, all in one text file.

I made space on my website.  I found a copy of the book online.  It was pdf, only consisting of image files.

I ran it through four different OCR rendering software on my computer until I found one that did it properly and had the least amount of loss of information.

Then I created a page for it on my website.

Then I took a moment to mention you because I remember you are into Tesla and might appreciate an all-in-one source.

I’m sorry about the comma.  My heart was in the right place, and I apologize if I presented the text in an offensive context.  I should have just presented it “as is” without commentary.

Then perhaps all my effort wouldn’t have gone down a hole created by a missing comma.

In any case, avail yourself of it if you like.  A man’s life writings all in a single .txt file.  A man you admire and respect.  I admire and respect him.  I was wrong to do an Edison troll a while back and I apologize for that.  I’m sorry  for being mean about Tesla in the past.

There’s already 11 other people (Facebook) who are enthusiastic about my efforts here who are also huge fans of Tesla.  I thought you might be one as well and have hope that you still will be.

It’s there if you need it.

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