MY AGENDA was to assist people to Betterment;

Personally, I think they’re just not go-getters (your co-workers).
Thing is, there’s systems within systems.
I’ve had complacent co-workers. I wasn’t one of them. I had my own agenda that I allowed to match up with the authorities when it suited me.
Was I fooling myself? No.
I crossed departmental lines to help people outside my department, even competing departments because MY AGENDA was to assist people to Betterment; whatever it was. [in that case, it was helping them get to a point where they could use Excel and other data tools to do their own reports, be better at their jobs, and help the organization as a whole… but mostly.. to help them as people.

Someday they may leave that job.
Their skillset remains.
I helped.

Some people’s mission is just “get through the day because there is a beer waiting at home.” And that’s fine. Everybody has goals, even if they’re unspoken.

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