My advice: Try to do as much development as you can using a basic text editor at first. Type them in. No copy and paste.

You don’t need to learn java if you are doing web development.  Javascript can be useful.

My advice: Try to do as much development as you can using a basic text editor at first.  Type them in.  No copy and paste.  For some reason, typing them with your fingers helps it “stick” a little better.

The good news is: almost ALL of HTML is pretty much the same from the beginning through HTML5.

Most of what you need will show up in ancient tutorials and new ones alike.

So really, you can start either way.  If you find a tutorial that is older that happens to work well with your style of learning, use it.   Most of HTML5 is backwards compatible so even if you do do something that’s uncommon from an older standard, it’ll probably work just fine.

Hopefully you can find an HTML5 tutorial that starts from the beginning.  But if you can’t, don’t hesitate to use any HTML tutor you find.  The only time you might run into issues is when they use particular “tricks” that are unique to certain browsers.  But that’s only really a problem when you’re copying and pasting HTML from old websites.

That’s why typing it in yourself is good: you stay in control of every word and you’ll know what each thing does very quickly.

I suggest: HTML5 first, using whatever tutors for any HTML you find.

Then CSS, which looks entirely different.  [that’s the ‘style’ of a page].

Then Javascript.

Those are the only three things you really need to make webpages with.  Even CSS and Javascript is optional, as HTML5 is very powerful on its own for many things.

Other things you may learn along the way will be databases, PHP and stuff, but by then you’ll have a solid knowledge of putting together a solid website.

Now, you do have another option if you like: You can become an expert in one PARTICULAR type of website, for example: WordPress.  Mastering WordPress might be a “fast way” to start makng money making websites.  It won’t require you to learn much HTML as much of what you do will be learning how to install plugins and customize the look of a site.

It’s less satisfying because a lot of what you do in that case will feel mysterious and strange but it’s a quick way to get started if starting a business is a goal you need to start quickly.

But I don’t think you will have any problems with HTML5 / CSS / Javascript.  For myself, I never learned Javascript well.  I just copy/paste code when I need it.  But if you know Javascript along with the others, you ‘d have the power to do things that are completely unique, as it is a programming language.

HTML and CSS are not programming language but “display” languages: They make things show up on the screen but don’t do calculations or anything like that.

So, that’s my thoughts at the moment :)

If you want knowledge you can trust, you can go straight to the W3C tutorials.  They’re the group that STARTED html to begin with, so you know their tutorials will be correct.  But really, any of them should work for you.

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