My advice to a 20 year old.

My advice to a 20 year old.
What advice would you give to a 20-year-old, based on your age?
Time will pass.
Whatever you fill it up with, the time will pass.
Good situations pass. It’s sad.
Bad situations pass. It’s a relief.
Find something from every situation to carry with you onto the next, some lesson the experience brings.
Forgive the stupidity of others but hold them accountable if you know they’re smart enough to know better.
Do that for yourself but in reverse priority.
When in the midst of situations, good, bad and indifferent situations, occasionally stop. Look around. Soak it in. You’re lucky to be witness to it.
If you weren’t here, who would do it for you?
It’s your shot. You set your own measuring sticks.

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