"Musicians think differently from the rest

^"Musicians think differently from the rest of us" 'The researchers discovered this dual-activity when they measured the creativity of 20 piano, percussion, wind and string players. The musicians were asked to invent new functions for common household objects. On average, they came up with 14 more uses than nonmusicians could."

Being a musician, not professional or performing but I think in musical/rhythmic ways – I believe there's truth to that. But it was a tiny study – there'd need to be a few thousand people tested, also from other creative arts, as well as the very practical creatives – people without much money who have to make do – I'll betcha if us musicians could come up with 14 more uses for everyday objects, the "make do" folks could come up with 30 more uses. Or maybe 14 more. All you have to do is throw away your preconceived notions of "what something is" and look at it with fresh eyes.^

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