“Multiple use” seems to be the magic phrase.

Grateful that the new Dept of Interior is against the sale/transfer of public federal lands to private use.

I was concerned about that.

For energy, he considers himself, “All of the above” energy. Alternative and coal and everything. So, we can expect drilling on public lands.

That said, I get the sense that he will take the job seriously.

He strikes me as not so much environmental but rather conservation. I’m a fan of conservation efforts, allowing for public use of public lands.

But… how that intersects with pulling coal / oil _from_ public lands? That’s another story for another day.


He’s definitely a supporter of pulling money from the public grounds. He talks a lot about “getting things done” and reversing a lot of environmental protection gains under President Obama.

That’s a bit of a concern.

Still, he’s done his homework. He seems to want to please all sides.

“Multiple use” seems to be the magic phrase.



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