muh millions: w0efje0fj – The entry level now for patenting stuff is making somewhere around $70,000 a year in the USA. [that’s when it’s viable for someone to go through the process]. I don’t even drive much, but this puppy was mine. I had the $ at the time. Drew up the sketches. Checked the USPTO. Nothing like it. Saved the $ I’d need, talked with people. I was gonna be “that guy”. Anyway, just BEFORE I submitted it, I checked the USPTO one last time. That’s when I find out some japanese dudes had JUST started the process a few months before me. Jun 25, 1999. It was Oct 1999 by then. I saw “Seiko Epson Corp” next to the names. Damn. Couldn’t find anything different about it either. Same as the crappy sketches I drew up. Same concept. Same design. Same principles. So, patents are a race against time. You get a great idea, someone ELSE has that same great idea. Probably 1000 OTHER PEOPLE do too. It’s still your idea, but it’s also theirs too. So, forget patents. It’s a game for people with good jobs and/or proper connections and a strong fighting stance. I didn’t even have a lawyer yet. So, yeah. If you think you’re a Tesla, get a lawyer. Get money. Don’t become a Tesla. Better yet, just share it with everybody.

Patent US7366595 – Vehicle drive assist system via

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