ms extreme – very extreme …

Now, to be fair, i don’t see anything wrong with video games in themselves, or TV, or movies, or novels, or comic books, or listening to music. They’re a good distraction from reality, whcih everybody needs now and again. the trouble is when it becomes a substitute for a friend, a confidant, a relationship – when life becomes all about the virtual world. What reminded me of this is in China theye…cently banned movies/tv and books. about time Travel. Of course, i was outraged at first – because time travel sci fi/fantasy is pretty much my #1 interest in that genre. BUT then I thought about it: “Why did they do that?” and I listened to their explanation: It can lead to historical distortion, to people establishing unrealistic attachments to impossible figures (because time travel is currently impossible). Now, it seems extreme – very extreme … “

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