Moving on from Logic/Philosophy but Internet, History, Cultures and Subcultures, Linguistics and Psychology remains [Kenneth Udut]

Fair enough. I may have reached the limit of what Logic can do to help me in my journey. I had a similar point with Religion, first investigating New Age, then Vip.. Meditation, Unitarian Universalism for the broadest view (but no depth), then to the deepest of the traditions within Western Civilization that is related to what I was raised in. (raised Methodist) – so pursued Eastern Orthodoxy for five years. Had a brief stint with Osho which was quite liberating after that, while also mastering Stock market prediction trending, Systems Analysis, and managing to save 53% of income, investing a majority of the rest, enough to get a Mortgage and a house. Turned to Business and semi-landlord and learned the ins-and-outs of business ownership, customer relations, marketing and advertising, getting the most out of Google before they closed all the loops holes I was profiting from.
During that time, spent 10 years deeply in Science then Mathematics, and when exhausted to my satisfaction, I tackled enough Philosophy for my satisfaction (not much) and Philosophy led me to Logic and apparently to Transcendental Logic (again, extraordinarily limited but to my satisfaction).
Interests in Internet, History, Cultures and Subcultures, Linguistics and Psychology have been my constant companions through this journey.
But now, I must move on. I’ll remain friends with you all, and look forward to seeing things on my feed from those who friended me, which probably come to 120 or so from the various philosophy groups. But, now I must abandon new avenues and concentrate on my cores, making use of what I’ve learned here,which was fantastic.
Thank you for this final showdown Seedy Johnson and I’ll see you on my regular feed. It was a pleasure.

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