Move Canada to Florida. Let them take over. Then I’m good.

Canada because people have always told me I think like a Canadian and I can’t say they’re wrong. Only ever stepped foot on the other side of Niagara Falls once. Doesn’t count.


I love the outdoors. Grew up with snow. Don’t miss it. Move Canada to Florida. Let them take over. Then I’m good.


I’m convinced Florida takes your lifespan and does a +20 yrs to it. Nobody’s dying of snow shoveling. Up north is prettier though. Way prettier. Everything’s green here. Always. No colors other than green. Racist. Air conditioning required. But the body doesn’t have to work to stay warm. Florida would not have been my pick but here I am and I’m acclimated to the weather. The people? eh. There’s just there.


Maybe I could do Canada if they upped my Thyroid to burn hotter. I don’t like it when it’s 72 degrees. That’s cold to me.

Ken all the girls say your hot .

Let them have their romance novels. I’ll pose for the cover.



All you have to do if you meet someone like that is start asking about his gun. You’ll see a gun nerd come out and he’ll be over your house every day to talk about a new bullet he just saw a youtube video on and share with you his jilted dreams where he should’ve been a Mercenary soldier if it wasn’t for “That Woman”.


I have no desire to shoot someone dead. Crappy vision so shooting straight isn’t an option anyway, although I’m great with darts and throwing knives. flip flip flip flip BAM. That’s fun.

[only got to play with someone’s throwing knives once in my life and it’s definitely on my bucket list of nerdy things to get one day].

No desire to kill people here. My brother’s a hunter – he hunts in the hardest deer hunting territory _because_ it’s hard. He wants to give the deer a sporting chance. There’s not many. So, I’m ok with that even if it’s not my thing.


Whenever my brother gets a deer (he can go years without, some years he’s gotten two – and that’s the max allowed per person) – he’d bring them home.

I’d help skin and gut them. Process the meat. I usually dealt with the deer sausage; lots of cubing and hand cranking a grinder.

Before I moved here at 30, as a NJ suburban guy, never could’ve imagined doing that kind of stuff. But it was easy – the smell didn’t bother me for some reason. No worse than changing a baby’s diapers or cleaning up someone’s puke. Strong stomach I guess.

I don’t see why people need to carry them around to be honest. Women carrying concealed weapons in their pocketbooks is scary. A guy carrying it in his coat is scary.

What I will say for “open carry” is it’s “out there”. “yeah, I have a gun”. Ok, I know they have a gun. it’s not hiding.

Still though, I’d rather not have to deal with it. I haven’t seen anybody doing that around here, even though it’s “open carry” in Florida now, but it’s probably the neighborhood: it’s just not a “thing” here. glad for it too.


lol no thnx – what was that movie? mystic pizza? i forget … it was a movie where the women would chop up their husbands and serve them in the pizza I think? I dunno. Chick flick I think. Cute horror I suppose.

I haven’t had to do it for a few years thankfully tongue emoticon But I did it to be nice and it’s kind of like getting a Merit Badge of some kind in a way to me smile emoticon

let’s see, if you want to get rid of a body, I think construction sites are still the best option available to you. Pillars might be a fun place to encase someone. tongue emoticon

Bear are protected here but due to a very successful program, they decided to open up bear hunting for two weeks.

One day. It lasted: One Day.

People were so happy to get rid of the nuisance bears that everybody, their grandmas and grandkids went out the first day and successfully reduced the population to reasonable levels.

Still, the whole thing of it is weird to me. Animals were here first. Oh well – can’t save the planet I suppose tongue emoticon



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