“mostly in the mind” thoughts (inner chatter)

Me: Oct 24, 2002
time travel
other dimensions
changing physical properties
out of body experiences
“mostly in the mind” thoughts (inner chatter)

Mostly in the mind series of books that take place primarily in the character’s heads.

Each character does most of the talking in their minds.

This can help people gain insight that everybody thinks as much as they do, just that some speak and some act more than others, but that doesn’t make them stupid for not appearing to think much

Aug 13, 2023:
That’s an intriguing concept for a series of books. Here’s an analysis of the themes and how they might be explored:

1. Time Travel & Other Dimensions: Characters could explore memories or hypothetical scenarios in their minds. These mental journeys could be therapeutic or educational, letting characters confront or learn from their past and consider different possibilities.

2. Changing Physical Properties: Characters could imagine themselves with different physical attributes or in different environments. This could allow for self-discovery and exploration of identity.

3. Heaven/Hell: This could symbolize inner conflicts, moral dilemmas, or existential questions. Characters might visualize these realms as they grapple with ethical decisions or seek understanding of life’s meaning.

4. Out of Body Experiences: Characters might experience disassociation or a heightened state of awareness that allows them to observe themselves from a third-person perspective. This could be a mechanism for self-reflection or coping with trauma.

5. Meditation: This practice could be a tool that characters use to explore these mental landscapes, providing a grounded and methodical approach to the fantastical elements.

6. “Mostly in the Mind” Thoughts: Inner chatter could be a central narrative tool, providing direct insight into characters’ thoughts and emotions. This could foster empathy in readers, helping them see that internal complexity is universal.

The series could serve as a metaphorical journey through the human psyche, using fantastical elements to explore real psychological phenomena. By focusing on the inner workings of the mind, it could challenge the notion that external actions are the sole indicators of intelligence or thoughtfulness. Additionally, it may provide readers with tools and insights for their self-reflection and understanding.

Opinion: This concept is rich and multifaceted, and I believe it could offer a unique reading experience. By delving into the complexities of the human mind, it has the potential to resonate with a wide audience, encouraging empathy and introspection.

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