most distinct topics for each grouping

most distinct topics per grouping

since these are 100 distinct topics, the MOST distinct topics per grouping may indicate some amount of greater interest in the specificities of each topics: So high to low: and next will be to put the words together in THIS ordering and see what pops up.

18. Sensory experiences, tree, forest, ocean, sky, stars, nature 18
2. Philosophy, ontology, epistemology, metaphysics, ethics, axiology, aesthetics 9
17. Time, space, dreams, reality, memories, consciousness, human experience 9
1. Personal growth, emotional experiences, spirituality, well-being, empathy, emotional practice, positive psychology 8
16. Taxonomy, categorization, model analysis, classification, topic specialization 6
10. Environmental, climate, management, economic, political systems, sustainable development 5
13. Abstract concepts, emojis, representation, cognition, metaphors, analogies 5
3. Universe, physics, chemistry, engineering, quantum mechanics, mathematics, mathematical theory 4
4. Programming, software design, data, ChatGPT architecture, artificial intelligence, machine learning, cognitive systems 4
5. Political, social justice, cultural, societal norms, power dynamics, individual rights, community 4
8. Communication, emotions, public speaking, interpersonal relationships, conflict resolution 4
9. Philosophy of science, history, social sciences, integration of knowledge, interdisciplinary studies 4
11. Personality types, MBTI, Enneagram, INFJ, INFP, understanding others 4
12. Language, writing, text analysis, narrative, storytelling, literature 4
14. Education, learning, artificial intelligence, human development, cognitive development 4
6. Biology, brain, cognitive processes, perception, memory, neurology, neuroscience 3
7. Minecraft, piano, music, art, video games, expression, creativity 3
15. Kenneth Udut, unique interests, interdisciplinary connections, online communities 3

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