Morgan Freeman raised an eyebrow and sighed at the look of my vest.

I woke up from a dream a 1/2 hr ago after a nap.

There was a concert that I was supposed to be starring in, but decided not to go. I knew they’d do fine without me.

But then, someone wanted me to go. So for them, I decided to go to the audience.

I didn’t want front row seats. The back was fine, but all tickets were sold out in any event.

So, I get on an elevator to go up to the top floor, far up in the balcony seats.

Morgan Freeman was on the elevator with me.

He said, “Do you have your camera, your vest, your Press Pass and $100?”

I reach in my pocket and everything fell out. Picked up $1. That wasn’t it. Picked up another $1. That wasn’t it. I pulled a crumbled vest out of my back pocket that said, “Press” on it and pulled my broken camera out of my other pants pocket.

Morgan Freeman raised an eyebrow and sighed at the look of my vest.

Just when I was about to see if the $100 was sitting in a folded corner of one of my pockets, OR if I had left the $100 on the basement floor to possibly end up being a passerby’s lucky day, there was a knock on the door and I woke up.

I pretended to be 1/2 awake long enough to consolidate enough of the dream to be able to retell it in a coherent story, as I ate dinner, which I finished a few minutes ago.

And I am telling the story for the first time here.

I know what it means but I enjoy people’s attempts at dream interpretation because sometimes they provide other insights that are also very useful :)

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