More “rationalists” emotionally invest in hope and it rises higher and higher.

well, I only wish they were that organized : I’d rather believe somebody actually *did* know what was going on, even if I don’t know what it is.

But there’s seems to be the same old scrambling for power and relevance as you see in all organizations for all time. Not that there aren’t conspiracies – of course there are sometimes – but grand-scale conspiracies that require massive cooperation among different departments is kind of odd. Usually individual groups struggle to maintain individual relevance rather than banding together.

But there’s always exceptions.

I _want_ believe what you said.

If there was such a thing going on, it would be to create political distrust and social instability. Amongst social instability, investors flock to the markets for security, creating an artificial market bubble. [optimism that “the market will save us!” – because they believe (foolishly) that the markets are rational as they learned in college. But of course, the markets run off of pure collective emotion.

So, while the believers in the pure-rational market pump their optimism into the market saving them from social/political unease, others who _know_ the emotionality of the marketplace inflate the new bubble to REAL high extremes and surf the bubble they inflated higher.

More “rationalists” emotionally invest in hope and it rises higher and higher.

Before the burst, the people who know better, jump ship, collect their profits.

Then the bubble bursts. POP!

So, that’s my guess. I don’t think it’s direct manipulation but opportunistic.




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