More on the dangers of Common Core Mathematics. Great in theory, untested in practice. Too much too soon.

Thank you for sharing your history – I love knowing people’s backgrounds; and enjoy giving my own, so that was a pleasure, thank you.

I agree with you that the methodology, in theory, has the potential to be a good one.

I like the concept of questioning, allowing for multiple answers and such, questioning the base system from a young age – all such things are excellent in theory.

My trouble is this: “In Practice”.

Millions of teachers teaching millions of students using various materials that none of them fully understand, using a questionable methodology for assessment of validity.

The questionable methodology is the increased testing –> statistical analysis.

Children aren’t statistics. Testing doesn’t = “Was it taught?” “Is it understood?” Teaching does.

As many teachers have remarked, none of these tests measure if little billy accidentally put his underpants on backwards this morning and is sitting on the buttons.

But on a purely theoretical basis, I don’t have a problem with common core math. It’s the application.

Also, as a one-size-fits-all it is troublesome because while it’s nice to teach higher academic mathematics from a young age, many kids won’t be going to college and will be unleashed onto a world that is not taught by common core mathematics.

My brother is in his 50s. He suffered through “New Math”. I had to teach him, when he was in his 40s, how to calculate 10%. [move the decimal point over]. The whole reason we use a base-10 system is to make it easier in daily life; that’s why the world has gone metric for the most part.

In other words, there’s no inclusion for everyday math. In the promotional materials for common core, the child has to complete the entire course of mathematics for it to be potentially successful, because many concepts aren’t brought together until later years. The thing is; not all students will make it that far and they will be mathematically crippled when they have to deal with doing their taxes and such.

To me, there needs to be a balance of both. I also thing the unveiling on such a wide scope without proper study on its validity is a problem. In short, we don’t KNOW if it works. We just hope it does.

Sometimes we can shoot for a theoretical future that looks awesome on paper but then in a few years find out it only works on paper because nobody tested to see if reality supports their theoretical foundations.

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