“More of the same? Or something untried?”

We’re already that. Not 3rd world, but an oligarchy just the same.

To me, a stronger argument against Clinton would be:

“More of the same? Or something untried?”

The rich + powerful like Trump + Clinton + all the rest don’t have to follow the same laws as the rest of us. That’s nothing new. It’s why the arguments of “jail Hillary” won’t get anywhere.

But argue: “More of the same? Or this one instead! [insert alternative]” and that can carry more traction among those not already in agreement with your position.


Trump’s a continuation of an Oligarchy but he’s a wild card within that set which makes him interesting. Not my cup of tea though. Too Richard Dawkins for my liking in his style of tweets.



a) Wall is campaign fodder.
b) He can say what he wants during campaigning but everything has to pass through a process of cooperation if he’s elected.
c) What’s his track record on cooperation?

Big Daddy won’t have that power to fix everything. System’s far more powerful than a single president. That’s why it hasn’t broken yet. And, it’s not broken. It’s just as flawed, but functional and as leaky as it ever was.

I remember H.Ross Perot. He was another plain speaker, although a little less acidic. He did well in the elections. I voted for him: twice. But at the time I didn’t realize that an efficient US government is fundamentally impossible.

The Constitution has all of the slowness and red tape built into it in order to prevent any one person from getting too powerful.

And.. it works.


I’m from New Jersey. Grew up with Trump’s name in the papers, long before his ghostwriter wrote “Art of the Deal” for him.

You know what he showed up in the local papers for?

“Casino builder stiffs workers”.

Over and over. He’s be on TV a lot. Great TV personality. Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous. He’s show off his fountains and Ivana. Fun for TV.

But you don’t want to work under him. He got rich through skipping out on paying people. That’s what he does.


Fact is, Jeff, he could get that wall built WITHOUT being President and probably have more success at it.


The Wall is ALREADY in the plans. It’s been there for decades and the US Govt works on it now and again.

Maybe he can make it a volunteer thing. He can do that now. Just say “Trump will pay for this wall” and the US Govt will gladly subcontract to him ’cause they don’t care if he stiffs his workers as long as he fulfills the terms of the contract.


I’m ok that you’re voting for him. I believe in the political process, as flawed as it is. In fact, Jeff, you SHOULD vote for Donald J. Trump.

I’m just saying why I probably won’t. Then again, if he started making promises he could _keep_ and toned down a little with the mean girl tweets, I’d actually consider him.

After all, once he’s there, he’s mostly a face on TV. He’s got some powers as part of the Executive Branch but not a whole lot. Even the Supreme Court nominations have to pass through a process. So really, it wouldn’t bother me THAT much if he was President. I’d just be a little embarrassed to my foreign friends, always having to explain ‘my president’ to them.

I had to do that with Bush. Ugh.



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