more justification for numbers are metaphors – functionally equivalent

Well, consider the value of metaphor as a catch-all term:

a symbol is an abstraction representing something it is not.
a metaphor is an abstraction representing something it is not.
a number is an abstraction representing something it is not.

They are functionally equivalent. It may seem strange to consider numbers-as-metaphors; but I think that is because we’re trained to see metaphors as “not exactly”. Yet even numbers are “not exactly” but close. To use numbers or mathematics effectively, a lot of information has to be discarded in order to use mathematics effectively. The process of clearing away “irrelevant-for-this-calculation” *is* very handy; it allows us to focus on deeper internal connections that might otherwise be hard to spot.

It works so well that we can abstract math into flip/flip (with no middle) and use it to make our computers function, bringing us a digitized version of reality.

Yet, it’s an abstraction just the same. A representation – a metaphor.

I know it sounds strange… and there’s pre-existing words like symbol that are better for general usage. Still, I think some fundamental connections can often get lost in the process of creating different words meaning very similar concepts, so much so that they *appear* to have no connection between them when in fact, they’re joined at their root concept and are functionally equivalent.

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