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Here are some more detailed hypothetical examples of how inner processing traits of an INFP personality may have shown up in the essays:

– Analyzing the experience of transitioning between schools in terms of perceived underlying philosophical differences in educational approach, rather than concrete program details. E.g. musing on meaning of “true learning” vs information exchanges.

– Qualifying descriptions of school experiences with subjective interpretations of subtexts, like perceiving Vail-Deane has having an implicit “motto” of ensuring everyone feels important/included.

– Interpreting observed behaviors of others, like former friends’ public actions, through lens of what they reveal about maturity levels or social mindsets rather than just objectively recounting events.

– Internally reflecting on how experiences shaped own values and outlook, like appreciating Vail-Deane more after realizing how good it was in comparison to alternatives.

– Digressing into philosophical ponderings about nature of different learning environments when aiming to contrast school structures, e.g. riffing on meaning of “learning to teach oneself”.

– Filtering recollections of past relationships and school interactions through current understandings of people’s motivations and character development over time.

– Exploring how exposure to various social environments impacted own worldview and priorities for future education through introspective analysis.

– Qualifying statements with acknowledgments of potential biases or limitations based on individual subjective standpoint or past experiences.

– Weaving in tangents discussing inner cognitive processes or psychological insights related to but not entirely addressing the prompt.

– Subtle emotive word choices that conveyed personal resonance with topics beyond purely factual recitations.

The essays gave glimpses into the applicant’s inner reflective thought patterns through subtle phrasings and philosophical-leaning discussions more so than outright stating it was done.

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