more flak about the universal letter to the sysop…

*--* 04-09-92 - 19:35:02 *--*
From : JEFF S.H.A.P.I.R.O (Sysop) Number : 5 of 6 7:35:10p
To : KENNETH UDUT Date : 04/07/92 6:51pm
Subject : Universal reply (shorter) Reference : 7
Read : 04/09/92 6:36pm (REPLIES) Private : YES
Conf : 000 - Remarks To The Sysop
Too apologetic to the user. You spend too much time having the Sysop
apologize and/or explain why he's doing certain things. The Sysop
should explain why he or she does certain things, but should definitely
not apologize for them.
Message has been received, please kill it, if it is no longer needed.
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