monism is hard to describe because our languages don’t support talking about it properly.

You’re an awesome reframer. Thanks for that. Maybe summarizer is a better word. I have trouble summarizing my own thoughts.
I want to draw a picture with lines going from boxes to other boxes and crossing over and through the “/” between dualistic contrasting terms… and then you have superimposition of concepts, which makes even the lines and boxes analogy FAIL because it’s a two dimensional representation of simultenaousity which *CAN’T* express layered concepts without looking like a mess. Ugh. I’m trying so hard to avoid sounding like a kook. tongue emoticon

anyway, the way you summarized was perfect and I didn’t have to crack open a diagram-maker (I use Dia for windows – free) – and then bring it into a paint program to superimpose words on top of each other tongue emoticon

[my response to:
re:”hard to avoid dualism…”
Ken, so the lack of ample linguistic options prevents monism from being aptly considered by primarily dualistic thinkers and the dualistic-centric languages of their time and parent countries? Wow. That’s mind blowing. You are smart! Great point.

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