Money’s one thing. Roles are another.

I figure: If I REALLY wanted to make _money_ doing those things, it’s just:
a) school
b) interviews
c) job.
d) time
e) money

Maybe put d and e on top.

Anyway, it’s entirely doable. I could be 70 and decide to embark on any of those careers. And if I don’t, it doesn’t matter. I’m fulfilling ALL of those roles and more for family, friends, acquaintances, even strangers… I got lots of knowledge in this noggin and I’ve been integrating *all* of those things into my very personality forever.

Money’s one thing.
Roles are another.

Figure out the ROLES you want to play. It’s mostly likely they’re roles you’re ALREADY performing at present.

The job thing? It’s a job. You can find work that you ‘don’t mind doing’ – but life satisfaction? I notice more people are UNHAPPY trying to merge money and their calling into one package.

Not that it’s impossible. But when you realize you have at least 16 hrs a day… you actually have a LOT of time each day.

The best part is? You don’t HAVE to struggle with becoming yourself. All these roles are just names for who you really already are.

It’s authentic. It’s really awesome.

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