“Momma hit me with a stick! Couldn’t help myself!”

lol the way they say “cling to the belief” made me chuckle. Bit of a biased article there.. and a little cocky in its certainty.

But yeah, it’s impractical to believe in “there’s no free will”. I suppose I take a compatiblist position ultimately. I don’t see any real reason for a hard line to be drawn between “there is” and “there isn’t” because cognitive science can proceed just fine with either way of thinking… and there’s really not much benefit to believing we DON’T have free will, unless one wants an excuse for behaving badly.

It’s the old nature vs nurture argument in a different form.

“It’s my nature! Couldn’t help myself!”

Or for purely nurture:

“Momma hit me with a stick! Couldn’t help myself!”

Gotta have a mix. Gotta teach a mix. All free will leads to dangers when there IS major brain malfunction. All no free will leads to dangers when someone knows PERFECTLY WELL they meant to do something but now they have a scientifically valid excuse for their behavior.


I *wanted* to like Sam Harris. He starts off ok. But then he goes into never-never-land in my book and gets all misty-eyed at the freedom he suddenly gets by having no free will.

I’m like, “dude… really?”



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