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I did this last year. I can show you that. I took the entire greyhound bus map as it existed at the time for the USA and canada and turned it into a text adventure where you get randomly deposted somewhere and you have to find your way back using the information you get and compass directions. I also allow cheating by looking at an actual greyhound map.

But, I never made it into a quest. No enemies. No friends. No food. No time. But you *can* get to anywhere from anywhere on it.. eventually. That was fun. Totally unrelated to the above gif but related to ‘you’ll show us’ part tongue emoticon

Totally boring ungame, unless you happen to find the challenge of being lost and an interest in basic connectivity interesting. tongue emoticon



So, sometime last year, I decided to make a game with the largest map of any game. So, I took the Greyhound Bus route as it existed and made a Text Adventure by connecting all of the routes together properly, complete with their norths and souths all correct.

I was going to make it interesting, with people, stuff happening, a quest but once I succeeded in making it possible to get to anywhere from anywhere… with minimal clues on how to get there. [each of the directions is stated as it would if you were actually in that particular greyhound terminal number, I put it aside.

Just remembered it today. A game where nothing happens but travel. Largest map in the history of games, text adventure, with no adventure. Still, I had fun making it.

It deposits you randomly somewhere in the USA or Canada. Boring within 5 moves



Oh I had big plans for it. Froze my computer when the text adventure maker (this is my first and only attempt at one) tried compiling all of the connections and created its own view of the map. Lots of debugging bad connections because I had to make every connection two-way by hand.

First the text adventure prototype, and then I’d learn how to write using one of the fancy 3D game engines, which don’t look TOO terrible to use with some focus. Some don’t even require much scripting.

But I was satisfied when I got the map done. I was like, “Ok, a game where you’re lost and have to think like a local to get home. Map works. Done.” Registered a domain and shoved it up there and might have uploaded it to a text adventure site or two – don’t remember.



grin emoticon Thanks grin emoticon My trouble is, once I get the basic ‘gist’ of something out there, I just stop. Fast and furious creation process, reach milestone, then I’m like, “Ok, if it’s a good idea, maybe someone will trip over it and take it further and if they don’t, that’s ok too”. Writing in it was fun at first, – INFORM7 – a newer Zork language – is what I used, so the code is all readable English… kinda. I used Excel spreadsheets and staring at the actual map to figure out what was north or east, or whatever, and kept relativity in mind the whole time, as that was kinda the point: “You are west of New York” means you have to go East. So your brain has to constantly flip around everything.



lol it’s ok smile emoticon I’m a perfectionist constantly fighting being a perfectionist by letting things go when _I_ judge that I’m proud of myself. Keeps people’s judgements of me from mattering so much because I’ve reached my own satisfaction [yet not perfection] level. Anything beyond is to please other people and meet their standards. I’m like, “bah, finish it yourself – here you go”.


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