Mine’s sacred… to me. I don’t expect anybody else to think so though

Mine’s sacred… to me. I don’t expect anybody else to think so though

I have. Sunday nights are the worst in that for me. Probably from years of going to school and work dreading Mondays. [something bad going to happen].

But I’ve had it other times. Have a bite to eat, sometimes it helps.

Now *that* makes sense. Coherence achieved: Level 32.

Ooh I like the tie-in. Yeah, good mods encourage behavior that’s appropriate for whatever the group norms are and hopefully do so in a subtle way so it’s not like HEY THATS A GREAT COMMENT YOU MADE RIGHT THERE. HEY EVERYBODY SEE WHAT THEY DID? THAT’S WHAT YOU SHOULD ALL DO YOU SCUM”…. unless that’s normal for the group.. . shit, i need more coffee clearly.


The societal roles I play (I try to identify them to myself when I notice them) vary in their importance. In some cases, my role is unique and absolute: I’m irreplaceable. Yet in most I can be substituted. In some, the very role I play can be eliminated entirely from the planet without any ill effects.


Death is really the _only_ bad thing that can happen to me because “me” will cease…

…unless figure something else before that but I’m working on it.


“still small voice”. That always resonated with me. Sometimes it’s wordless.


I’m not worried about death though. I worry about suffering and pain and anguish sometimes though. It’s easy to not fear death ’cause life is harder than death. Death is easy.




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