Mind you, at one time, they believed it was healthier. Plasticinization I guess

yup smile emoticon and I make BIG CUPS of coffee smile emoticon But I also know that the body “chooses” which fat to use to repair blood vessels and such with… and given a choice between smooth unsaturated and glumpy saturated, the body will go with the smooth spackle of unsaturated fats.

So, I make sure I get a little unsaturated each day in some form.

Of course, then I look at the bottom of my coffee cup sometimes….

…and I see the creamer stuck to it like glue… and I ask myself, “how much of the inside of my blood vessels are coated with this slick, plasticky stuff?”

Mind you, at one time, they believed it was healthier. Plasticinization I guess tongue emoticon


Yup. And it constantly changes. At present, I don’t see fat as the enemy and I don’t hesitate to have things with saturated fats, because the body _does_ use it and it’s not horrible.

But I try to limit my transfat intake to my coffee creamer. It’s an addiction, honestly. But I eschew bread most of the time, packaged foods, eat my salad and get enough protein, so I try not to worry too terribly about it smile emoticon

Even still, the few times I did Atkins (once in the late 1990s, just before it “popped” as a fad again… I was too late AND too early to hit either “Revolution”)…. and once again about 6 years ago for a very short time, I did my own versions of it.

I did high protein with healthier fats but made sure I had a pear or two each day so my bowels could move.

The first time I did the diet, I was going to GO EXTREME and skip even the fats.

Found out you can’t do that.

Also found out that you need LOTS of water in whatever forms.

and… that there’s something about pears that ‘worked’.

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