Overall Review of Performance

Ken did a very good job during the first two quarters of 2001.  His involvement in the Clarinex, SKIP, Control Panel and various smaller projects all resulted n positive completion because of his technical knowledge and sense of determination.  His ability to work on diverse projects at one time is key to his success.  He is very detail oriented and provides the business an ability to transfer raw data into management quality reports.  His knowledge of PC applications (Excel, Access, Visual Basic) is superb and he has received many accolades (written & verbal) recognizing his impact on BIC personnel.  He continues to provide a very high level of customer assistance and looks to expand his knowledge to include data warehouse support.  his knowledge of the people, processes and data used by BIC makes him a very strong asset to this department.


Performance Strengths

Ken provides superior service to the clients he supports.  His ability to hear a business problem and quickly provide a usable solution exceeds expectations.  He is accessible, knowledgeable and provides his clients a “sounding board” for ideas, they themselves often implement.  Many times I have heard, “I want to bounce this off Ken, to see if it can be done”.  By providing technical assistance or actually creating a program, Ken has allowed BIC to utilize to the fullest, the data provided by the legacy & data warehouse systems.

Ken has also been very open in sharing his skills with his peers.  In preparation for his vacation, Ken worked with his teammates to ensure proper coverage was available.  Through scheduled training and documentation, Ken worked diligently to transfer an adequate amount of knowledge to not allow for an impact to operations while he was gone.  Ken is a team player who looks to help his peers in providing his services.  In general, Ken requires little direction and works towards meeting his objectives methodically and diligently.


Suggested Areas for Performance Improvement/Development.

Ken should take a more active role in the inner workings of the data warehouse.  In the successful completion of SKIP, Clarinex and Control Panel, it would be advisable to learn how the data was created before it is available for his processing.  This additional step would allow Ken to be involved in the complete process especially the data querying activities.  To accomplish this more inclusive role, Ken should start to work with his peers in the data warehouse team and learn to use the DSS tool to perform data extracts.  Ken needs to gain a better understanding of these tools/process and data to allow him to grow further in his current position.

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