Metric or US Standard? Whatever. I use my own measuring system.

let other ppl define their standards and I use ‘em. But personally? I measure distances by what’s around me; landmarks and things. I measure cooking by sight or by certain caps of bottles if I must measure and whatnot. I can extraordinarily precise when I *must* measure using standard measurements and honestly, i hate being excessively precise because it just takes over.

I prefer rounding. Round up. Round down. More or less. Just about. “Here, if you see this landmark, YOU’VE GONE TOO FAR” – that sort of thing.

Also, my SHOE happens to be _exactly_ one US FOOT – which is EXTREMELY handy when I’m in them.

But if my foot wasn’t, I’d still count feet by feet – *my feet*. Someone else can go get a measuring tape if they want to.

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