metaphorical connections between loosely synonymous concepts is entire basis of sense-making -Kenneth Udut

there we go.  I inserted the comma. It won’t show up here though…

Unfortunately, due to the fixed-paper metaphor that still rules the web, live updating of link titles are not yet available.  Eventually, as the ‘net improves in the upcoming years, I expect live link updates to be a common, Universal thing.  We’re just stuck on the HTML-one-way-paper metaphor for the web.

as a PS – I’m still on my metaphor project… my poor computer.

94,283,912 + 41,073,216 = some big number total sentences generated so far.  I have no idea what the total number will be or how I’m going to even publish it, but I’m determined the metaphorical connections between loosely synonymous concepts will be “unrolled” rather than created-via-formula on the fly.

My hypothesis is: metaphor as entire basis of sense-making.   Fingers crossed.

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