Metaphor and Hystersis. It comes to that.

I’m actually working on something that goes a step deeper than communication. And that’s metaphor. I believe all knowledge, understanding and purpose can be analogized to analogy – to metaphor.

I believe metaphor is stronger than mathematics, because mathematics _is_ metaphorical. That it happens to also be functional and correspond well to physics, to me, increases the proof. Metaphors are extraordinarily powerful things. I believe it is how we build up knowledge. I also believe metaphors are similar shapes – rather like Forms yet not quite Plato here.

A bacteria will happily accept a virus if it happens to be the right shape. The virus is a metaphor; the bacteria behaves “as if” the virus is the same shape as something it typically expects to see.

That leads into memory which is the other key feature I believe all things in the Universe require to even be here and function at all:

Hysteresis. Lag. Memory. Someday I may write it all up together in a ‘thing’, or maybe I won’t.

But yes, communication and memory. Notice how many metaphors I used in this message. I didn’t count them, but our languages are FULL of metaphors that we forgot are metaphors.

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