MEONE’s doing it around here.

lol – well the “What I really do” panel is the truth I think for most stage musicians, at least at SOME point in their careers. Every community probably has at least 100 garage bands in different stages of evolution. Some never make it past the garage, some make it to local bars, coffee shops ,talent shows. etc etc — but most people never hear of them. I saw a sign in the library that our to…wn is doing a “battle of the bands” thing in a few weeks and I’m thrilled ’cause: 1) something for teenagers to do. (be in a band, be a groupie, go to listen to music, hang out with friends or just to cure boredom) 2) it gives a chance for up and coming musicians to showcase their talents. For me, personally, I won’t be going (they’re not my thing) – but I’m grateful that SOMEONE’s doing it around here. “

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