Mentor, trusted counselor or guide, educate, – part of MAPP results

“Mentor: a trusted counselor or guide.” Kenneth is interested in and consciously prefers to consider the existence, mean

Kenneth is motivated to educate, which means to share knowledge that will be useful for the persons taught. Instructing

Kenneth is moderately motivated by being “on stage” in order to pleasantly influence others toward a particular viewpoin

Kenneth is empathetically and sympathetically aware of the hurts, needs, problems, and wishes of others and is motivated

Kenneth is ready, willing, and perhaps even able (or trainable) to persuasively influence others with the intent or hope – —-

Kenneth is not motivated to accept the responsibilities for management or supervisory duties. Instead, Kenneth prefers f-

Kenneth does not prefer to have the responsibility for, or involvement in, negotiating activities: is not motivated or c-

Kenneth’s mental preferences include holistic and conceptual thinking, awareness of the essential meaning of things, abi—- — —- —- ——– ———- ————- — ——— — ——– — — ——- — —- — —- — ——- —– —-

Kenneth is most likely benevolent, voluntarily giving of self to help others, especially regarding current pain, hu


11  Musical, Creative: compose, arrange, improvise 3
12  Kindergarten, Elementary Education: teach, nurture 3
13  Switchboard Service: relay incoming office calls 3
14  Musical, Vocal: singing, choral, solo; public 3
15  Technical Writing: logic, terminology, explanation 3
16  Instructive, Fine Arts: drama, art, music 3
17  Title and Contracts: find, examine, confirm 3
18  Typing, Related Recording: routine data processing 3
19  Translating/Editing: language, format, composition 3
20  Radio, TV Announcing: poise, vocabulary, delivery


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