Mentally replace “demons” with “mental disorders”.

You guys make a big deal out of this.

Mentally replace “demons” with “mental disorders”.

Does it work? Yes? Then let it be. Sheesh.


Mental disorders have no physical cause, otherwise they’d be physical disorders.

They’re not considered real in every country for a good reason. They’re primarily social disorders. Their reality is contingent upon cultural values.


Fair enough. Nevertheless, in the particular context, Demons can’t be bombed into submission and Mental Disorders can’t be bombed into submission are equally valid from a pragmatic standpoint.

I guess I was lucky to have only rarely been exposed to “true believers”. I heard about them. Seemed downright mythological, as there were always more people talking _about_ how awful true believers were, then me actually seeing any in real life.

[usually on TV or online]

I mean, I believe they exist ’cause TV says so and ppl complain about them. But I’ve just been lucky I suppose.

I’m agnostic now, but growing up (Methodist), we were taught that what they called demons then, we’d call mental disorders now. Old fashioned way of saying the same thing. Made sense.

Then again, we were also taught that people who refused medical treatment on “faith alone” were idiots and kinda deserved to die of their own stupidity, sad as it was.

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