Mens historical fashion how its changed in the 80s 90s 00s 10s

Mens historical fashion always interested me; I grew up in the tail end of “high socks, short shorts, short T-shirts”. I watched as my socks got shorter, my shorts got longer and T-shirt moved to a reasonable length.

Then in the mid 90s, the shorts got REALLY long; basketball players were practically wearing flowing CAPRIS they were so long…

Now the socks have a nice “inbetween”; black socks are finally athletic and – zero allergic reaction. They have a no show up to an ankle and beyond; I get the tallest not-Crew sock length so it doesn’t disappear into my shoe but it’s not crew socks, which are the realm of older golf playing men.

The shorts are just above the knee; thankfully a reasonable style has remained for a few years for shorts; I dread the day that the fashion goes short-short again for guys; I’m hoping it never does; but fashion is as fashion is; it needs to move things up and down every few years.

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