memory palace chapter 6

La Ropa (Clothing)

el abrigo – A giant coat hanging at the entrance of the palace, with open arms welcoming you in. (the coat)
la blusa – A blouse floating through the palace halls, as if moved by an invisible wind. (the blouse)
la bolsa – In one of the rooms, a bag the size of a car, spilling coins and bills everywhere. (the purse/bag)
la bota – On the top floor, a mountain-climbing boot the size of a building, ready to crush everything in its path. (the boot)
el calcetín (los calcetines) – Socks of all colors and sizes scattered around the palace floors. (the sock(s))
la camisa – Shirts of various styles and patterns lining the walls of the clothing wing. (the shirt)
la camiseta – Oversized t-shirts hang from the ceilings like giant hammocks. (the t-shirt)
la cartera – A wallet the size of a treasure chest sits open on a table, spilling credit cards and cash. (the wallet)
la chaqueta – Jackets of all shapes and colors are neatly organized in a grand armoire. (the jacket)
el cinturón – Giant belts act as bridges connecting different parts of the palace. (the belt)
la corbata – Ties of every pattern imaginable flow like vines up and down the stairwells. (the tie)
la falda – Skirts of all lengths billow and twirl around you as you walk through the palace. (the skirt)
las gafas (de sol) – Oversized sunglasses perched on the nose of a giant statue in the central courtyard. (the (sun)glasses)
los guantes – Hands wearing massive gloves reach out from the walls, offering to shake your hand. (the gloves)
el impermeable – A raincoat the size of a circus tent covers an entire wing of the palace. (the raincoat)
los (blue) jeans – Rows of gigantic jeans, each leg the size of a tunnel, line the hallways. (the (blue) jeans)
las medias – Stockings and pantyhose hang like curtains from the ceilings, swaying gently. (the pantyhose; stockings)
los pantalones – Pants of all colors and sizes are neatly folded on shelves throughout the palace. (the pants)
los pantalones cortos – Enormous pairs of shorts are stacked up like bricks, forming the walls of a courtyard. (the shorts)
la ropa – Clothing of all kinds fills every inch of the palace, spilling out of every room. (the clothes)
la ropa interior – Racks of undergarments line the hallways, concealed behind curtains. (the underwear)
las sandalias – Sandals of all styles and sizes are arranged in a grand mosaic on the palace floor. (the sandals)
el sombrero – A giant hat the size of a house sits atop the palace, casting a shadow over the entire grounds. (the hat)
el suéter – Oversized sweaters are piled high, forming cozy nooks and crannies to sit and relax. (the sweater)
el traje – A perfectly tailored suit stands proudly on a mannequin in the center of the formal wear room. (the suit)
el traje de baño – Swimsuits of every color and design hang on clotheslines throughout the palace gardens. (the bathing suit)
el vestido – Elegant dresses flow and billow from the walls, as if dancing in an invisible breeze. (the dress)
los zapatos de tenis – Rows of gigantic sneakers line the palace floors, ready for you to try them on. (the sneakers)
Ir de compras (Shopping)

el almacén – A massive department store fills an entire wing of the palace, packed with merchandise. (the department store)
la caja – A cash register the size of a house stands at the front of the department store, with a giant clerk. (the cash register)
el centro comercial – The entire palace transforms into a sprawling shopping mall, with stores, restaurants, and people everywhere. (the shopping mall)
el/la cliente – Customers of all shapes and sizes browse the palace shops and stalls. (the customer)
comprar en línea – A computer screen the size of a wall displays an online shopping interface. (to buy online)
costar (o:ue) – A giant price tag hangs from the ceiling, displaying the cost of everything in the palace. (to cost)
el/la dependiente – Clerks the size of giants assist shoppers throughout the commercial wing. (the clerk)
el dinero – Piles of coins and bills cover the floors of the palace’s financial district. (the money)
(en) efectivo – Stacks of cash are guarded by armored knights in the palace treasury. (cash)
gastar – Shoppers leave the palace carrying mountains of purchases on their backs. (to spend (money))
hacer juego (con) – Outfits and accessories are paired together in perfectly coordinated displays. (to match (with))
llevar – Customers try on and parade around in the clothing and accessories of the palace. (to wear; to take)
el mercado – An open-air market fills a central courtyard, with vendors selling their wares. (the market)
el mercado al aire libre – The palace gardens transform into an expansive outdoor marketplace. (the (open-air) market)
pagar – A giant cashier’s booth stands at the exit, where shoppers pay for their purchases. (to pay)
un par (de zapatos) – Shoes of all sizes are displayed in matching pairs throughout the footwear section. (a pair (of shoes))
el precio (fijo) – Price tags the size of billboards hover above each department and display. (the (fixed; set) price)
la rebaja – Sale signs and banners are hung everywhere, announcing discounted prices. (the sale)
el regalo – Wrapped gifts of all shapes and sizes are stacked high in a special gift-giving area. (the gift)
regatear – Shoppers haggle with vendors in a lively, chaotic bargaining scene. (to bargain)
la tarjeta de crédito – Credit cards the size of surfboards are used to pay for purchases at the giant cashier’s booth. (the credit card)
la tarjeta de débito – Debit cards stamped with the palace seal are accepted at all the shops and stalls. (the debit card)
la tienda – Storefronts of all kinds line the main streets and courtyards of the shopping palace. (the store)
usar – Customers try on and wear the clothing, accessories, and shoes throughout the palace. (to wear; to use)
el/la vendedor(a) – Salespeople the size of towers stand at the entrances of each department, greeting customers. (the salesperson)
vender – Vendors hawk their wares to passing shoppers, trying to make a sale. (to sell)
Los colores (Colors)

amarillo – The palace walls are painted a vibrant, sunny yellow. (yellow)
anaranjado – Orange tapestries and banners hang from the ceilings and balconies. (orange)
azul – Shimmering blue tiles cover the floors of the central courtyard. (blue)
blanco – Snow-white marble statues stand guard at the palace gates. (white)
el color – Colors of every hue imaginable fill every corner and crevice of the palace. (color)
gris – Ash-gray clouds drift lazily through the palace skylights. (gray)
marrón, café – Rich, earthy tones of brown and coffee cover the wooden beams and furnishings. (brown)
morado – Regal purple curtains adorn the windows of the royal chambers. (purple)
negro – Towering onyx columns support the palace’s grand archways. (black)
rojo – Crimson red carpets line the main halls, leading to the throne room. (red)
rosado – Delicate pink rose vines climb up the exterior walls of the palace. (pink)
verde – Lush, emerald green gardens surround the palace, teeming with life. (green)

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