“memory based time limit

Perfect! At summer camp, I always ended up behind the piano (there was always some old out of tune piano) and that was one of the songs I liked playing. People would gather around and get ‘that look’ in their eyes. You know… the “yeah I’m a dreamer too” look and the other kids would get a dreamy hippie look in their eyes…. and the cooks… and the counsellors…. kinda weird now that I think about it but still pretty awesome.

But then someone would ruin it and say, “HEY KEN – PLAY PIANO MAN!”…

I’d make the most of it… I actually didn’t mind playing that song, but that moment I became OH LOOK IT’S THE PIANO MAN and lost my name it was a strange mix of pride and also, “Um, I have a name you know”. Never liked taking requests.

Anyway, great job! and yay, I told yet _another_ long winded story. I saw my Kindergarden report card the other day. Apparently I did it then too.

Oh and a PS – if you were an actor pretending to play, this *would* be the perfect angle for the camera – and it would mean that you did a perfect job pretending to play the song
[but yes, I believe you played it!]

Did you ever watch a movie or show where someone was pretending to play an instrument but did it BADLY? Totally unrealistic movements, fingers moving at the wrong times… or people pretending to sing but their throat doesn’t move? Yeah, they’d always ruin it for me. Not only are you great at playing the song, but you’d be a perfect actor at pretending to play it as well. Double-win. [sorry for the babble – 1st time at the computer all day ]


  • Thanks dude!
    I could have played it better like i usually do but im stressed because im on a memory based time limit and im on camera.
    } -TJ P

I understand the experience. I remember one piano teacher who said, “practice doesn’t make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect!” She also had me play with poker chips on the back of my hands so I wouldn’t drop them and used the right hand posture. Meh. I accepted the poker chip challenge but to this day, I play with my wrists dropped. She was probably right but I hated those chips. The perfect practice was good advice though… that I also never followed [well not with piano but I used that advice for other life stuff]

BTW – Very insightful, “memory based time limit” I may use that somewhere for something. I like good combinations of words.


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