measuring tools for and by humans for truth


  • The measuring tools we use are enhancements and refinements to our own natural systems. A computer that measures and sees, measures and sees in the ways that a human can measure and see. The conceptions that are possible for a computer are limited by its programming and technical abilities, as are we.

    So the reality being measured is the reality that is true for our use. Rumsfelds “Unknown unknowns” comes into play here (amazing that he has the best formulation of the concept, put concisely enough to stick him straight into the philosophy department from a press conference -but it works).

    So naturally a computer that we create,will have measurements that match up with other human measurements, and consistently with the measurements of other humans because it was made by us, for us, and thinks somewhat like us. It’s our creation, programmed by our thought processes and assumptions.
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  • Kenneth Udut In short, the computer agrees with humans because it must.
    It has been programmed with all of our assumptions built-in.
    Wonderful tool, still forever limited, even if it gained consciousness.
    At its best, it would only be capable of what the best or worst of humanity would be capable of doing or conceiving because, even self-programming machines are limited by the assumptions of the initial programmers


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