me wearing a mask of me.

echograph2 #kenmask the animated version.  Narcissist?  Naw, Just being weird as usual.  That’s not really me anyhow.  Just some pixelated face on your computer/phone screen.  I’m over here. That’s just a strange representation that sort of resembles a me I looked like a year and a half ago but even then it wasn’t me.  I was over here, in this same chair… just.. not typing these words.  I was busy making this thing..
that resembles me a little but not really, symbolically representing the face you show and the face no one knows that’s behind the #mask – using a representation of my face as a prop.. but it’s still not me.  I’m sitting right here.  Still, that’s not someone else either.  It’s just a picture.  That resembles a me.  It’s not 2 dimensional either – LCD pixels have depth you know.  It’s just not quite as 3D as me.  Still, since that’s not me, it doesn’t matter does it?  :P

[the other thing I made with Echograph… yeah, definitely over a year and a half ago… hair so short, 2 pairs of glasses ago I think.  I made a mask of me on top of me.  Why?  I dunno.  Just because it looks strange and I wanted to experiment with the program. And.. I’m sure there’s some symbolic representation about “the face you show to the world vs who you really are inside that nobody can see” etc.   Made 2 or 3 things then forgot about it.]


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