me in person? not as exciting as online – not yet anyway :)

Perhaps someday :) I’m nowhere *near* as awesome in real life :P  I communicate best at my keyboard.  I’ve learned to communicate with my face a little in short videos too.

But in person?  Even in skype/hangouts I’m utterly ridiculous and silly, or I go “um and uh” a lot or I get excited and talk really-really-fast.  [I haven’t done hangouts much in a year or more… mostly because I’ve been absorbed in my Project, which this is all a part of – finding the best of ‘me’ and learning how to express it in every choice I made throughout each day]

If we did meet in person sometime in my/your lifetime, it’d definitely be awesome and I’d love to meet you in person!

I believe anything is possible.  Thanks my friend.  You’re really amazing and I appreciate you.  Whatever you’re doing, I’m right there giving it a thumbs up.  [unless I disagree, then I’d put my thumb away and be like, “Well, here, consider this alternative possibility…” but THEN once I gave my opinion, I’d thumbs-up whatever you choose.  I believe in free choice]

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