Me = Dr. Me = Saint Me.

Me = Dr. Me  = Saint Me.

I’m so dumb.
I just realized that the concept of self I’ve been using is based upon the “PhD thesis” – “a combination of other people with a little unique something on top to present to the world.  Being True to Yourself means being an Authentic person”.

A PhD Thesis is mostly a combination of references from other people’s works, but it needs to present something unique in order to deserve the Doctorate.

The University education, having grown from within a Christian context, reflects Christiandom’s classic progression.

The Final Judgement of having your Thesis presented before a Panel is equivalent to the concept of a Final Judgement where you have to justify your existence before St Peter / God / take your pick.

In short…  here I think I’ve been _so damn clever_ but really, I was just echoing the ideals of Education, which echos the ideals of Christiandom.

In short, I’ve been retelling the same stories… with a few substitutions.

awpofiej  I thought I was so unique.  awpofije

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