Me and autism – I can relate.

I worked with kids with autism, cerebral palsy and downs syndrome back in 1992. I volunteered full time for a year and was really close to becoming an occupational therapist. [I still could – it doesn’t take much schooling].

Anyway, this is before the autism spectrum disorder was introduced. Names and labels change.

Anyhow, we did a lot of work with finger boards and I helped set up the computers and taught them how to use them. Some kids responded better to quiet talking, some to pointing, some to tactile (move the hand for them like a ouiji board pointer and notice when they resist, being gentle). Some communicated through lightly singing.

So I’m not surprised her methods work. I have read some skepticism in that this is her business and she charges a pretty penny for seminars and workshops that are a reformulation of gardners learning tendencies.

But that being said, I’ve seen her videos and movies before, and her methods are workable, although I don’t think one needs to purchase her materials.

It’s probably stuff you already know: Be patient, allow the uniqueness and creativity to shine, don’t force, only guide, notice the communication methods the child prefers (I consider it more of a preference rather than a hard-wired difference), stuff like that.

In the video I really respected that she let him “wind his thoughts together” using his whole body. I can relate to that. Coffee and smoking do that for me and some people like to use their whole bodies. I used to do that with running when I was a kid. I still like to walk to “get my thoughts together”.

I really liked the first video.

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