Maybe there’s something to these tests. Barber being slightly to the right from Alexander can seem to be a HUGE difference of political opinion when it’s ultimately not _much_.

Maybe there’s something to these tests. Barber being slightly to the right from Alexander can seem to be a HUGE difference of political opinion when it’s ultimately not _much_.

I say this because I have a friend who seems to me to be VERY far off on the right who tests only slightly to the right of me. with that in mind I had to really listen… and it was painful _because_ our opinions are similar enough that the differences appeared to be huge.

Thing is, we each have our stopping points. There’s _something_ that keeps you each on the left and right of each other: a kind of wall of some sort. Might as well be a black vs white difference because it’s that point where a bridge might not be possible inbetween, even though people from a far different part of the political spectrum might see you both as having nearly identical beliefs.

I’m no gauge though except that I’m further left than Alexander and to me sometimes he seems far off in the land of the right when in fact, he’s not. Just seems that way because perspective.

Ok, I’mm getting repetitive… must be lack of coffee.


I also struggled with a response to this one. I keep returning to this post wanting to add my thoughts on it but it’s difficult. Can I say “it’s not something that anyone ever fakes for attention?” I can’t. At the same time, I’d rather err on the side of “believe first” so long as it’s not harmful. [whether ‘real’ or ‘phase’ might not make much difference if believed but might make a HUGE difference if not believed]


In high school in the 80s I did the equivalent available thing, telling everybody I’m bisexual, until in college I learned of “pan sexual” which I used after that. This is way back, 27+ years ago.

What was I ultimately? I didn’t find sex particularly interesting. Experimented, tried a bit of many things at least once, ultimately didn’t see the big deal people make over the process.

Gender identity wise, I never cared. I’m a guy. Woopee. If I were a woman? Woopee. Never mattered to me. I’m glad I’m a man because I’ve watched women have most things harder (some things easier but most things harder) but at the same time, I doubt I’d have cared if I was a woman instead. Wanted to be a teacher from adolescence on but it was in the “men who want to work with kids are all pervs” period of time.. which is probably *still* going on, so I just did other things instead. Didn’t really matter but society’s always 50-100 years behind where it ought to be.


Guidance counselor was one of my early profession choices. Then I found out how much $$$ was required to do the school to get the degree to get the job that wouldn’t pay itself back which wouldn’t have been so bad but then I learned about the school politics. [I spent a lot of time when I was 17-18 years old interviewing various people who were in professions I was interested in whenever I had the spare time].

I could still do it. It’s just schooling + then job hunt away and I know I’d do well at it. But I couldn’t do the school politics. That would always stop me.


Yeah :/ That’s precisely the stuff I knew I wouldn’t be able to handle for long. School bullshit seems to be the same in every era. They’re like a little closed universe with their own special rules that makes perfect sense within its boundaries but look REALLY bizarre to anybody on the outside. or to any kids attending it… or any aware adults working in it.

Corporate culture’s not much different in that way but schools are worse because they’re so insulated. Just one look at education psychology vs other forms of psychology and the chasm is huge.

I keep following the status of education though from the outside and I do what i can from here. Airplane mechanic’s got a good pay from what I’ve heard [I’m a computer nerd but not nimble with tools] so it sounds like a good route to shoot for. Machines in general have personalities like people do and problems to fix like people do but there’s far fewer politics when repairing equipment vs repairing people.


I’ve been watching memes grow past pepe for a while though. Last relevance I felt for pepe was around october, around the time the oats brothers came out. I watched them come and go too along with we are number one, then shooting stars, and spongegar finally find his way out of memeland. I expect spongemock to not last too long, although it has potential for sticking power because it’s so generic. Time will tell.


Strange thing about spongemock is it simultaneously became popular among memelords (read: middle school kids) *and* 20-somethings at the same time who were somewhat out of the loop.

It’s a brilliant meme, so easy. Look how easy it is to do?

“lOoK hOW eAsy it IS To dO”

It has some lasting potential. I didn’t expect spongegar to last as long as it did, and honestly I wanted datboi to last longer, but datboi lasted in RIP status for so long (its technical lifespan was maybe three weeks?) that it confirmed to me that memes truly don’t die, no matter how many people comment “dead meme!”.




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