maybe there’s only one electron and multiple views

I dunno what it’s called – but we should make up a name for it. You never know – it might get a huge following :-) +Wilton Rao well, i don’t mean all of beethovan’s brainwaves – just the portion that communicated the everything that is transferred when music is composed, performed and understood. Think of it this way: let’s say you are a machine. the emotion caused by by recognizing beat patterns, rhythm, harmony and melody, the physical compressions and rarifications caused by the soundwaves: if you were a machine – Beethovan wrote the original programming. He set the dials and knobs, levers and such a certain way. Now, you, a machine, 150 years later, are set to the same parameters using beethovans original programming. The programming is part of his brain, for that is where it comes from. Your brain was programmed by beethovan, using the mechanism of music and having the fertile ground in your mind to comprehend it fully. He lives on through his programming – part of your brain, while being immersed in the music thinks what he thought, feels what he felt – you are connected. everything was reproduced perfectly in you, in your machine. Essentially, his brainwaves and your brainwaves (the part experiencing the music and all that it stirs up within you) are in SYNC with each other. Two things in sync are, essentially, identical. Recreated. He lives again.

We take music for granted but it is an absolutely miraculous process, what it does to people.

A scientific experiment can be set to the original parameters and perfectly reproduced. the scientific method is just a verification and simplification of what happens in Reality — if a simple scientific experiment is repeatable, everything about it is the same as it was the first time — it is the same experiment, just taking place at different points in the spacetime continuum. Music may be no different — different points in spacetime, but it is the same experience whether now, 150 years ago, 1000 years in the future. This is only speaking to the perfect parts of the experience of music – when you are totally immersed in it, where you “get it” – not the times that your mind is on other things, reading your email (which beethovan didn’t do), etc. Can you see what I mean? I know it’s a weird way of putting it – and it stretches the imagination a little, but here – think of it in your own lifetime:

You have a song from your adolescence, say, “Open Arms” by Journey. You were in love with someone when that song was playing on the radio way back when. Flash forward 20+ years, you hear the song play on the radio. suddenly, you are transported back to that time and place — not by mere memories and pictures – but feelings, emotions, sensations. For all intents and purposes, at the moment you are immersed in the experience of the music, it IS 20+ years ago, and you ARE in that mental place you were in back then. it is not merely time travel – it is a point where TWO POINTS IN TIME ARE ONE. In a mini way, the spacetime continuum is PINCHED together at those two points, your current time, your past time, and they are ONE POINT. When the songs over, you’re back to the Now (or when you’re distracted in some way). It’s that moment of Flow.

Regarding entanglement – you’re right – I was speaking of individual electrons, but really i was thinking more of the holistic viwe of the universe – that all elemental particles are connected to all other elemental particles. Since we are all connected via the ‘fabric’ of spacetime, we are all connected to everything everywhere. Like the Buddhist said to the hotdog vendor, “make me one with everything.” – we are one with everything. We are not separate being contemplating the universe – we aren’t even just products of the universe – we are an integral PART of the universe – it flows through us, and we through it. We cannot be separate from the universe. Man, i sound all New-agey when I talk like this.

I like the theory too that there is but ONE ELECTRON, but due to the quirkiness of higher-dimensional physics, it can appear to be in trillions of places at once – but there is but one. It explains the results in the photon particle/wave experiment, etc. but that’s one of the crazier-sounding ideas that i like to toss around but could definitely be so.

Not sure about the controlling things with your mind: I had a friend who had just watched a movie that I refuse to see (I would probably enjoy the heck out of it too) – it was something like “what the blank do you know?”. He was all into it and he told me things about manifesting objects and things. I can see why he liked it – and i would probably enjoy the movie, but I’m a science freak, always trying to get to the nature of things, exploring different possibilities etc, accepting some, rejecting others, etc. He singlehandedly turned me off to the idea of controlling reality with the mind, which I wasn’t really into anyhow.

I think if you could experience the spacetime continuum, “be one with the universe”, you wouldn’t necessarily be able to levitate, read people’s minds, etc (possible of course – I believe anything’s POSSIBLE, even if not terribly likely – especially with things that are easily faked) – but it would be more the “make me one with everything” way.

I see it like the experience of music — (I’m constatnly composing music in my head – I lack the ability to edit music which is why i never got into computer music, but I can play some of what I hear in my head) – the Flow – the Universe would move through you and you through the universe. or like the Kung-Fu or Tai-chi type way of utilizing energies in a harmonious way – work with the universe rather than fighting against it.

i want to understand everything before I die.

I just don’t get a chance to talk about it “in real life” – and it’s hard to find ppl online to talk to about this stuff, so I’m grateful. Please, if you see flaws, let me know. these are just unedited, raw responses. (I can’t edit for s..t)

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