Maybe fear *is* the driving force… I hope not but.. down to basics, perhaps it is.

Oh I wouldn’t necessarily blame evolution since as for me, focusing on the good is a survival skill driven by diffusing an exaggerated sense of danger.

When I was little, I’d suffer from anxiety attacks. Probably 8 yrs old on up. At 11, Mom took me to biofeedback. Learned to control my breathing, had to make machines noises go up and down with only the force of my mind and stuff like that. Felt very Star Wars-y to me so I didn’t mind at all.

So I would exaggerate the positive as a response – hm – thinking about it, I think you’re onto something here.

There’s few REAL dangers in civilized society yet we create IMAGINARY dangers continually. News media feeds on it. Movies feed on it. Scientists feed on it (so that we listen to them – they LOVE doom and gloom prophesies) as well as other religious leaders….

Maybe it’s to feed that circuit (there’s computer-brain analogy here) – that needs stimulation – the fight/freeze/flight amygdala so that we don’t get bored, and keep moving, doing, creating, etc.

Maybe fear *is* the driving force. I certainly credit the Amygdala for many processes – and while there are more emotions than fear that the amygdala produces, still, at the ‘gist’ of it all, I suppose it’s that.

Interesting food for thought, Jay. Maybe it *is* evolutionary and my anti-Dawkins bias was blinding me. He kinda wrecked my interest in evolutionary type analogies..

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