• Algorithms (NP-completeness, NP-hardness, Percoluation theory, etc.)
  • Analysis (Ordinary differential equation, Oscillation, etc.)
  • Geometry (Plane (Geometry), etc.)
  • Logic and foundations of mathematics (Ontology (information science), P vs NP problem, etc.)
  • Number systems (Random variable, Random walk, etc.)
  • Set theory (Parametric Polymorphism, Partially Ordered Set, etc.)
  • Topology (Periodic point, Poincare map, etc.)


  • Computer science (Programming Language, Programming tool, etc.)
  • Cognitive science (Numerical cognition, Object of the mind, Object Permanence, etc.)
  • Environmental science (Renewable Energy, etc.)
  • Physics (Rayleigh-Bernard convection, etc.)
  • Psychology (Preadolescence, Prenatal development, etc.)
  • Developmental biology (Puberty, etc.)


  • Algorithms (Pseudocode, etc.)
  • Artificial intelligence (Reasoning System, etc.)
  • Human-computer interaction (Outliner, etc.)
  • Information theory (Personal knowledge base, etc.)
  • Programming (Problem Solving, etc.)


  • Metaphysics (Notion (philosophy), Nous, etc.)
  • Epistemology (Observation, etc.)
  • Ethics (Occupational therapy, etc.)
  • Logic (Ontology (information science), Ontology (information service), etc.)
  • History of philosophy (Ontology, etc.)


  • Cognitive psychology (Personification, etc.)
  • Behavioral psychology (Persuasion, etc.)
  • Developmental psychology (Physical Change, Physical Object, etc.)
  • Emotions and aesthetics (Piecewise-deterministic Markov process, Pitch (music), etc.)
  • Environmental psychology (Plain Language, Play (activity), Playground, etc.)
  • Positive psychology (Predictability, Principle, etc.)
  • Social psychology (Property (philosophy), Proposition, Propositional formula, etc.)

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