Sure, here are the revised top level categories with the new items added and grouped appropriately:

Mathematics: Mathematical concepts (Algebra, Series, Additive inverse, etc.), Geometry (Area, Binary relation, Bracket, etc.), Theorems and principles (Brouwer fixed-point theorem, Chinese remainder theorem, etc.), Number systems (Complex number, Decimal, etc.), Topology (Connected space, Diffeomorphism, etc.), Dynamical systems (Conservative system, Coupled map lattice, etc.), Measurement and quantities (Dimension, Distance, etc.), Algebraic structures (Field, Group, etc.), Set theory (Finitary relation, Free variables and bound variables, etc.), Analysis (Exponentiation, Expected value, etc.), Logic and foundations of mathematics (Formal system, Generalization, etc.), Interval arithmetic (Interval, Inverse function, etc.), Lattices (Complete lattice, Lattice (order), etc.), Calculus and differential equations (Irony, Ising model, Iterated function, etc.), Probability and statistics (Random variable, Random walk, etc.)

Science: Biology (Abiogenesis, Adaptive system, Adhesion, etc.), Chemistry (Ageing, Amoeba, Biochemistry, etc.), Anthropology (Anthropologist, Anthropology, Apophatic theology, etc.), Physics (Causality, Center of mass, Certainty, etc.), Environmental science (Ecology, Ecological economics, Ecological pyramid, etc.), Cognitive science (Consciousness, Creativity, Curiosity, etc.), Computer science (Computability theory, Computable function, Computer graphics, etc.), Neuroscience (Electroencephalography, Dopamine,

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