1. Mathematics
  • Mathematical concepts (includes Algebra, Series, Additive inverse, etc.)
  • Geometry (includes Area, Binary relation, Bracket, etc.)
  • Theorems and principles (includes Brouwer fixed-point theorem, Chinese remainder theorem, etc.)
  • Number systems (includes Complex number, Decimal, etc.)
  • Topology (includes Connected space, Diffeomorphism, etc.)
  • Dynamical systems (includes Conservative system, Coupled map lattice, etc.)
  • Measurement and quantities (includes Dimension, Distance, etc.)
  • Algebraic structures (includes Field, Group, etc.)
  • Set theory (includes Finitary relation, Free variables and bound variables, etc.)
  • Analysis (includes Exponentiation, Expected value, etc.)
  • Logic and foundations of mathematics (includes Formal system, Generalization, etc.)
  1. Science
  • Biology (includes Abiogenesis, Adaptive system, Adhesion, etc.)
  • Chemistry (includes Ageing, Amoeba, Biochemistry, etc.)
  • Anthropology (includes Anthropologist, Anthropology, Apophatic theology, etc.)
  • Physics (includes Causality, Center of mass, Certainty, etc.)
  • Environmental science (includes Ecology, Ecological economics, Ecological pyramid, etc.)
  • Cognitive science (includes Consciousness, Creativity, Curiosity, etc.)
  • Computer science (includes Computability theory, Computable function, Computer graphics, etc.)
  • Neuroscience (includes Electroencephalography, Dopamine, etc.)
  • Evolutionary biology (includes Evolutionary developmental biology, etc.)
  • Geology (includes Fractal, Fracture mechanics, etc.)
  • Space science (includes Extraterrestrial life, etc.)
  1. Computing
  • Algorithms (includes Algorithm, ASCII, Associative array, etc.)
  • Artificial intelligence (includes Automaton, Bijection, Brainstem, etc.)
  • Communication (includes Communication studies, Combinational explosion, Common coding theory, etc.)
  • Computer programs and programming (includes Computer program, Computing, etc.)
  • Database design and management (includes Entity-relationship model, etc.)
  • Human-computer interaction (includes Exception handling, etc.)
  • Information theory (includes Information, etc.)
  1. Psychology
  • Cognitive psychology (includes Affective computing, Affective neuroscience, Alternative stable state, etc.)
  • Developmental psychology (includes Ageing, Agnosticism, Analyzing algorithms, etc.)
  • Behavioral psychology (includes Ancestor, Anthropology, Apophatic theology, etc.)
  • Emotions and aesthetics (includes Aesthetic emotions, Aesthetics, Applied aesthetics, etc.)
  • Environmental psychology (includes Environmental sociology, etc.)
  • Social psychology (includes Expectation, Expected value, Generalized anxiety disorder, etc.)
  • Personality and individual differences (includes Flow, etc.)
  1. Philosophy
    • Epistemology (includes Abstraction, Algebraic space, Analysis of algorithms, etc.)
    • Metaphysics (includes Anthropology, Apophatic theology, Applied aesthetics, etc.)
    • Ethics and values (includes Argument, Arity, Artificial intelligence, etc.)
    • Conceptual systems (includes Concept, Conceptual metaphor, Conceptual model, etc.)
    • Logic and reasoning (includes Deductive reasoning, etc.)

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