Algorithms (NP-completeness, NP-hardness, Percoluation theory, etc.)
Analysis (Ordinary differential equation, Oscillation, etc.)
Geometry (Plane (Geometry), etc.)
Logic and foundations of mathematics (Ontology (information science), P vs NP problem, etc.)
Number systems (Random variable, Random walk, etc.)
Set theory (Parametric Polymorphism, Partially Ordered Set, etc.)
Topology (Periodic point, Poincare map, etc.)

Computer science (Programming Language, Programming tool, etc.)
Cognitive science (Numerical cognition, Object of the mind, Object Permanence, etc.)
Environmental science (Renewable Energy, etc.)
Physics (Rayleigh-Bernard convection, etc.)
Psychology (Preadolescence, Prenatal development, etc.)
Developmental biology (Puberty, etc.)

Algorithms (Pseudocode, etc.)
Artificial intelligence (Reasoning System, etc.)
Human-computer interaction (Outliner, etc.)
Information theory (Personal knowledge base, etc.)
Programming (Problem Solving, etc.)

Metaphysics (Notion (philosophy), Nous, etc.)
Epistemology (Observation, etc.)
Ethics (Occupational therapy, etc.)
Logic (Ontology (information science), Ontology (information service), etc.)
History of philosophy (Ontology, etc.)

Cognitive psychology (Personification, etc.)
Behavioral psychology (Persuasion, etc.)
Developmental psychology (Physical Change, Physical Object, etc.)
Emotions and aesthetics (Piecewise-deterministic Markov process, Pitch (music), etc.)
Environmental psychology (Plain Language, Play (activity), Playground, etc.)
Positive psychology (Predictability, Principle, etc.)
Social psychology (Property (philosophy), Proposition, Propositional formula, etc.)

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